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Introducing HRD

The new Human Resources and Development structure is now in place. Reporting to Paul Smith, the Head of Human Resources and Development, we have four key service areas, plus the job evaluation project, which will deliver improved Human Resources and Development services in line with our new vision.

“To be an excellent employer we will create an environment which enables managers to develop, manage and lead people to achieve the council’s vision”.

The teams are as follows:

1. Human Resources and Development Employee Services

2. Human Resources and Development Operational Services

3. Human Resources and Development Strategy Services

4. Safety, Health and Well-being Services

5. Pay and Grading Project

1. Human Resources and Development Employee Services

This team consists of the following units:

Transactional Recruitment

This team focuses on all aspects of the recruitment process from closure of advert to final offer and statement of particulars, including all pre-employment clearances and incorporates the former CRB team.

Activities range from:

  • Issue of conditional offer of employment letters
  • Pre-employment clearance processing
  • Issue of appointment letters and statements of particulars
  • Through to attaching the new starter to the established post

Please find below contact telephone numbers relating to specific queries:

  • Pre-employment clearance – 01922 655665
  • Children's services – 01922 655666
  • Multi-services – 01922 655667
  • Recruitment admin – 01922 655668

Transactional “during employment”

Once employees are recruited to their post, the Transactional team will handle all other transactions within the employment cycle through to termination of employment.

Activities range from:

  • Processing of timesheets and overtime claims
  • Issue of letters and forms for maternity/paternity leave and sickness
  • Processing of permanent and temporary variations to contracts – i.e. changes to hours/grades, voluntary reduced time, etc
  • Maintenance of personal files
  • Sickness and absence administration

Please find below contact details relating to specific queries:

  • Schools and multi-services – 01922 655663
  • Social services and Public Sector Enterprises (PSEs) – 01922 655660
  • Contracts – 01922 655654

Payroll and Pension Control

This team is responsible for all balancing and reconciliation of all monthly and year end processing required to comply with financial, statutory and audit regulations applicable to pension and payroll application and control of statutory deductions in respect of tax, national insurance and superannuation. The team also incorporates pensions, handling all aspects of teachers and local government pensions.

The team:

  • Are the financial controllers of Employee Services
  • Administer the Local Government Pension Scheme and Teachers Pension Scheme and advise pension scheme members on all pension related issues
  • Are responsible for all payroll payments
  • Produce the payroll processing timetable
  • Implement the pay awards and change voluntary deductions rates
  • Process third party accident claims
  • Distribute payslips and P60s

The team can be contacted by telephoning 01922 655662

The Customer and Service Improvement team

The team is split into two:

The Customer team

This team will resource the Customer Service Centre. This is currently being established and will radically transform the way the council delivers its HRD service. The multi-channel inbound and outbound service centre will provide one central point of contact for all general HRD enquiries. Ultimately we will aim to deal with 70% of all enquiries at first point of contact through this team.

This team can be contacted by telephoning 01922 655656    

The Service Improvement team

This team have a pivotal role to play in the modernisation of Employee Services. Their remit is simple: challenge and redesign business processes that do not add value to the organisation and introduce new ways of working to bring the customer closer to the service. The team is also responsible for maintaining the HRD direct system and is the guardian of all organisational structures.

The team can be contacted by telephoning 01922 655661

2. Human Resources and Development Operational Services

This team is responsible for all employee relations work throughout the council. This includes corporate Employee Relations Forum, support to trade union consultation and negotiations as well as individual case work support in matters of discipline, grievance, sickness absence, employee performance and redeployment.

The team are also responsible for designing and implementing new Human Resources and Development policies. Current work includes revisions to the managing sickness absence policy and new disciplinary and grievance policies.

The team can be contacted by telephoning 01922 655656

3. Human Resources and Development Strategy Services

This team consists of four areas:

The Development team

This team supports and delivers training and development activity across the council. The team has produced the council’s leadership strategy and a leadership and management development plan which includes details of all organised training and learning activities.

The team can be contacted by telephoning 01922 655670

Workforce planning

This team provide a framework for and collate all workforce planning activity, producing a corporate plan which will forecast the council’s workforce needs in the future. This will then inform the Human Resources and Development strategies, policies and plans for the future as well as service plans throughout the council.  

The team can be contacted by telephoning 01922 655674

Strategic Recruitment

This team work closely with the workforce planning team and will ensure that the council is able to recruit the best employees needed to deliver services. The team will ensure that recruitment targets the best pool of potential applicants and will lead on recruitment and retention incentives and initiatives.

The team can be contacted by telephoning 01922 655673

Account managers

The Account managers operate as a business partner to the assigned directorate leadership and management teams, providing strategic HRD guidance, advice and diagnostic interventions to progress business transformation and service improvement.

They can be contacted on:

  • 01922 655710 (Neighbourhood services and Corporate Services) - Harjinder Kaur
  • 01922 655711 (Children and Young People, Social Care and Inclusion and Regeneration) - Caroline Lawrence

4. Safety, Health and Well-being Services

This team ensures that the council maintains the safety and well-being of its employees and users through a programme of advice, support and auditing. The team also produces health and safety policies and guidance on all safety, health and well-being matters.

In addition, the council’s occupational health service provides support and advice to employees and managers on matters relating to employee health. The team deals with medical referrals at both pre and during employment stages.

The team can be contacted by telephoning 01922 653521

5. Pay and Grading Project

This team is undertaking the implementation of the national job evaluation scheme for council staff. This will result in the council having a fair and equitable pay structure that is free from bias. The team will also produce a new pay model for approval, replacing the current grading structure.

The team can be contacted by telephoning 01922 655677

Contact us

HRD direct
Human Resources and Development
Walsall Council
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Telephone 01922 655656
Fax 01922 653677
Email HRDdirect@walsall.gov.uk

This page was last updated on 12 December 2008